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How can I get my prospects to open up to me?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Prospecting is essentially the courting process in sales. We go after what we want with the desire to have the prospect reciprocate our gestures by sharing information and opportunities with us. Some would call this part of building the relationship, but how can we as salespeople do better at getting our prospects to self reveal things they would not otherwise share?

Everyone is driven in their own way by their ego and pride, and these are two very powerful forces. Once you get someone into bragging mode, you’ll find that they have a hard time stopping. Even if they present themselves as being humble, they are still stimulated by the recognition and crave more. Next thing you know they can’t help themselves and they keep sharing information that wasn’t even asked or may not even be relevant. They know deep inside that they are sharing more than they should, but it feels good in the moment so they keep on talking.

Getting someone to self reveal is a technique of a sales master, but it really is not that difficult to achieve. It is a matter of learning how to ask the right questions and mastering self control in a way that makes you a great listener. You don’t want to come across as pandering in a way that makes you seem disingenuous, but express a sincere interest in what the prospect is sharing with you. Here is a list of my 5 favorite open ended questions that I like to ask to get a prospect to self reveal.

  1. I understand that you accomplished something significant. How did you do it?

  2. What was the hardest part in achieving your accomplishment?

  3. Did you do that by yourself or did someone help you?

  4. What did you learn through your experience?

  5. If I were to try to accomplish what you were able to, what is the best advice you could give me?

Role playing is a terrific way to practice your open ended questions and gain honest feedback about your sales stance. Have your sales manager or colleagues role play with you or get help from Aaron at Scorecard Sales.

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