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  • You competitors are getting all of the new business

  • Your sales team is not reaching its goals

  • Your salespeople have become disengaged

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You should become the owner who is known for having turned the business around. It is hard as a business owner to watch your sales team lose its competitive advantage. Salespeople don't achieve their goals, you're losing business to competitors and it is more fun to remember how great you used to be instead of how great you are becoming. We used to have problems like that too until we figured out a new way to turn around sales teams. 

Schedule a consultation today, take our Power Score sales culture assessment, and let's create a plan that makes you a turn around specialist in sales. Stop watching your old sales processes fail every year while your competitors grow with customers that should belong to you. Our easy to use sales tools and methods will help you reclaim your competitive advantage in the marketplace with a sales team that will put your company back on the map. 

Today will be the last day that you helplessly watch your company slowly spiral downwards as it gets lost in a sea of competition. Today is the day when you become the person who turned around the whole sales department and made things better for everyone. 


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Power Score Assessment


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We measure the health of your sales culture so we can identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This will help us to create a customizable action plan that is your perfect sales solution.



Our easy to use Scorecard creates a simple and effective solution for your sales team to plan and execute their days. It creates transparent reports for all to review, Improve your score, improve your results.



We systemize sales training in your organization to begin the process of predictable results. Our coaching is the key for driving passion and success within your team.

Access a wide range of tools to help with prospecting, sales meetings, sales planning, presentations and more.

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